Nerdy NightsΒΆ

This is going to be a series of weekly NES programming lessons, starting from absolutely no knowledge. Right now the plan is 16-20 lessons ending with a complete game like pong or breakout. The first lessons may be easy but they will get harder! People who have done any type of programming before may have an easier time but anyone should be able to make it through. All the tools will be Windows based, so Linux users will have to use wine and MacOS users will have to use Parallels, Boot Camp, or VirtualPC.

Many things will simply not be covered in this series. No audio or scrolling will be done. Only the NROM mapper will be used. After you make it through all the lessons those will be much more simple than when you are first learning.

And finally these will not be without errors to begin with and may not be the absolute best way to do anything. People develop their own programming styles and this is just mine, which tends to be quickly written and not super efficient.